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    Temo de la Adiauo

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    Ñokto de la Galaksia Fervojo

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    Haroumi Hosono


Night on the Galactic Railroad

(Another young late-night venture into anime while everyone else was asleep. I couldn’t have been older than 12. I think it was at the townhouse. It was either on Teletoon (doubt it), Bravo (likely), or Showcase (maybe). I remember being so weirded out, but I couldn’t stop watching. I don’t even remember if it was dubbed or not. I don’t know if I understood it or not. Now that I think of it, I do think I was very aware of the Christian symbolism, just because it was so weird to see that in an anime (I’m surprised that Miyazawa was a Buddhist, and wonder why he would include that symbolism).There was just this overwhelming sense of melancholy throughout the whole film.

Trying to think of it as I remember it as a kid, there was so much I missed, but I took from it a sense of nostalgia you don’t get as an adult.

What I do vividly remember is the song Temo de la Adiauo. Even now listening to it gives me the oddest sensation - melancholy, queer, and something else altogether…ominous?)

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